Globally distributed crowd-trading fund

The new generation hedge fund

MarketAI is a crowd-trading fund making low-risk investing possible. We offer innovative deep learning algorithms, global portfolio diversification, low entry requirements, and safety of funds determined by your broker's legitimacy.

What is crowd-trading fund?

Crowd-trading fund is a fund pooling clients capital without actually owning this capital. Investor's assets are kept by the broker he works through. MarketAI requires only risk sum to sign up. The fund's overall position is shared between clients, so that investors making profit are credited with the earned amount, while the losses of others are compensated by cumulative risk deposit. Overall fund's profit is divided among all investors according to their share.

We are global

Although you trade local market with your broker, when joining MarketAI you become a part of a global market and co-owners of a global investment portfolio managed by MarketAI in your benefit.

Money stay with you

Since you trade through your brokers, MarketAI requires no investments, just a risk deposit to rebalance accounts. In most counties brokers are regulated by government so your money are safe.


Trading all types of financial instruments all over the world is what good hedge funds do. MarketAI is not an exception and you can join us with minimum investment and risk.


We use deep learning algorithms to trade financial markets. Artificial intelligence algo is the best option for dealing with big data, giving all the power and flexibility to the trading systems.

Our Team

We are computer geeks with the passion for financial markets.

Our Process


  • Register with us
  • Add money to risk deposit


  • Get clients software
  • Connect it to your broker
  • Start trading

Financial results

  • We calculate overall result
  • Then we rebalance risk deposits
  • You withdraw surpluses from risk deposits

Our Technology

Here is the information about our technology

Supported markets and brokers

Here is the list of traded markets and supported brokers.

  • All
  • Stock exchanges
  • Brokers
NYSE New-York Stock Exchange
Interactive Brokers One of the largest reatail brokers


Here are basic rules for trading with MarketAI:

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